MilkGirl 2019



FRIDAY, MARCH 8th @ 8:00PM : FREE!

 Hosted by: Oprah Keys and featuring :


Alyssa Al-Dookhi 

Alyssa is an Arab American comedian, writer and game show host living in Philadelphia.

She produces and hosts the game shows “Eat Your Beats!” and “Make Up Or Break Up,” and performs at the Punch Line Philadelphia. She performed at the 2018 Women in Comedy Festival presented by HBO

Chanel Ali  

Chanel blossomed on the Philadelphia circuit before taking her commanding stage presence and story teller style to NYC. She’s currently a cast member on MTVs Girl Code, Food Network’s Food Debate and she regularly performs at Carolines on Broadway in NYC. 

Latice Klapa  

Weekly radio show on called Funny Bits every Thursday 6:30pm  and performed on The View for Hilarious Housewives.

Tan Hoang

Philly Local, and seen at Philadelphia's Bechdel Test Fest