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Nalani & Sarina / Sahara / Meagan Griffith / The Osyx

Sahara / Meagan Griffith / The Osyx : MILKBOY ARTHOUSE : FRIDAY, MARCH 8TH : TICKETS : $5/$10


The OSYX is fierce AF. Like their namesake, the legendary alpha female wolf “The ‘06” and her pack, The OSYX harnesses feminine energy to create something wild, powerful, and critical to today’s music scene. Five women have come together, bringing their own unique strength, musicality, and passion into one pro-womxn collective that creates shimmering signs that feel like a prism turning on its side. The music is singularly original, largely raucous and at times silvery - with melodic tensions and chemistries, harmonies and howls that make you want to join the pack. 


Sahara. It’s the world’s hottest desert; awe-inspiring, unstoppable, with vast resources still waiting to be discovered -- and the name of a truly exciting 18 - year old singer who is burning up YouTube with her scorching performances of today’s chart-topping hits and original songs. With her powerhouse voice and evocative interpretation, Sahara has delighted audiences since she was a 3-year old singing karaoke at gatherings of her large and very close family. 

“My family is my inspiration,” she says. “They really inspire me to keep heart, keep at it, and keep going.” 

Sahara began singing in front of larger audiences as member of her elementary school chorus, then in talent shows and school plays (including a notable performance of “Strut” from The Cheetah Girls 2 movie) and was selected from hundreds of aspiring vocalists for regional Honors Chorus. She loved being surrounded by music and her busy performance schedule in front of every kind of audience, but she still hadn't found the creative challenge she was searching for. 

“I wanted to do my own thing, solo, and I really got into singing by myself,” she says. Sahara has always done things her own way, no matter what. “My family is very loud and fun and I have a lot of cousins, and because they're always around me, I'm always who I am. I never try to be something that I'm not, because I think that no matter what happens, you should always be true to yourself.” 

So she began focusing on her songwriting (Sahara published her first short story at age 11) and continued honing her skills as an entertainer and live performer, joining her school’s competitive dance Pom team and singing to anyone who would listen. Her dedication and clear-eyed pragmatism would be impressive for any artist, let alone 15-year old taking the first big steps of her music career. "No matter what goes on and where it gets you," she says, "you have to get 500 no's to get one yes."

The work is paying off. Sahara was more than ready when she stepped onstage in front of a crowd of thousands at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. "It was really exciting. And before I got on stage, of course I was nervous," she admits. "But once I was out there it was the best feeling ever." 

Sahara has been winning over fans with her powerful vocals and outspoken charm in YouTube videos of some of her favorite songs, including “Wrecking Ball” and “Stay The Night.” Her original song "Quicksand" has over 150,000 views on YouTube and over 200,000 Facebook views.

Sahara has been working with top writers, producers, and mixers as she develops her signature sound in the studio. "I've always looked up to Whitney Houston because when I was young my parents would play her songs and I loved her range and how she could go so high. She said something and I found the quote and wrote it down: Never walk in anyone's shadow." That mantra has certainly carried over into the studio as she prepares for more new music in 2018.

It's a line from one of Whitney's signature songs, "The Greatest Love of All," which tells the story of inner strength in the face of adversity. "That really spoke to me because I've always wanted to be a singer. Although people try to bring a person down and try to make them feel like they aren't good enough, I always feel like you should keep doing what you love no matter what. Always be true to yourself."

This is Sahara... an exciting new artist doing it her own way live on stage, in the studio, and connecting with fans on Facebook and YouTube.



Getting music fans to agree on anything is next to impossible. That’s why the quick rise to national recognition of identical twin sisters Nalani & Sarina is such an astounding story. These two audacious young artists, from west-central New Jersey, have developed a distinctive blend of traditionalist soul-rock and modern pop likely to keep their faces in the spotlight for years to come. Legendary music critic/Sirius radio host Dave Marsh called their EP, Scattered World, “some of the best music being made”, and fans, critics and taste-makers have echoed his praise.

Nalani & Sarina have all the elements in place for success and stardom. Their captivating look is on display in the video for “Get Away”, a propulsive cut from Scattered World, that was in regular rotation on mtvU and other video outlets. Their smart, kinetic live show, whether as a duo or with their band, has made the sisters favorites on the Northeastern club scene.

They’ve earned the enthusiasm of industry insiders as well, with their newest offerings to be released on Kobalt Music's worldwide digital distribution network in early 2018.  In a music landscape largely bereft of Asian-American voices, the twin sisters’ perspective is welcome. Their songs are catchy AND meaningful, their look is dazzling, their message is courageous, and the sky is the limit.

 UMD Music Scene:

Meagan Griffith 

Has done several shows before and is part of a bunch of different organizations!


In more areas than one, women need to be heard and equally represented. They are consistently underpaid, undercredited, and underrepresented. Whatever your passion, please join us for a night of food & drink deals, live music, and female empowerment! Support your local music scene with our ALL FEMALE lineup of talented musicians breaking boundaries to make their dream come true.

Music is loved and shared across many cultures, countries, and genres. No matter your music preference come out for a night celebrating WOMEN. Meet other strong-willed, independent women who want to change the world. 


Did you know…

  • Even at MilkBoy ArtHouse only 5% of performers are women while 95% were men.
  • In 2017, 83.2% of artists were men and only 16.8% were women.
  • Of 2,767 songwriters credited, 87.7% were male and 12.3% were female.
  • 73.8% of female songwriters only worked once in 6 years, 7.9% worked twice, and 4.3 percent worked three times. Less than 6% of female songwriters had 6 or more credits across the sampled time frame.
  • Out of the study’s 651 producers, 98% were male and only 2% female.
  • A total of 899 individuals were nominated for a Grammy Award in the last 5 years. 90.7% of those were male and 9.3% were female.